Sun's out for Somerset Marathon

A beautiful sunny day helped us celebrate the 2016 Somerset Marathon. The event was the first event of the Endurance Series. With a light westerly wind forecasted, the race commenced at the Scuba Centre beach in Wynyard. Competitors raced back across the coast to finish at the Somerset SLSC

Well done to place getters

Open Craft-Ocean or Spec Ski Male

1st) Sam Norton

2nd) Tom Norton

3rd) Michael Hanemaayer

Open Craft - Ocean or Spec Ski Female

1st) Georgia Laird

2nd) Courtney Dowling

Over 35 Male

1st) Troy Bukewitsch

2nd) Stuart Paine

3rd) Russell Harland

Over 50 Male

1st) Michael Holland

Over 50 Female

1st) Cathryn Faulkner

Under 19 Spec Ski

1st) Jesse Purton

Open Female Surf Boat

1st) Burnie (Lucy Muir Wilson, Kate Watkins, Emma Norton, Jacki Cook, Adrian Norton)

Open Male Surf Boat

1st) Burnie (Damien Pursell, Greg Doherty, Alex Stammers, Hamish Howe, Richard Norton)

Outriggers (OC1)

1st) Jack Harmon

2nd) Kate McIlfatrick

Outriggers (OC6)

1st) CCOCC (Debbie Clarke, Shawn Johsnson, Mitchell Buckley, Mark Munday, Mark Probert, Emily Probert)

2nd) CCOCC (Janice Upscombe Leanne Woodhouse, Fiona Gardam, Rick Overall, Lionel Daley, Mark Short)

3rd) CCOCC (Jasmine Munday, Sonia Cobbing, Sophie Cobbing, Brody Wylie, Luke Groves, Ethan Jones)


1st) Luke O'Garey

2nd) Grant Howe